“A Letter From Jimanni” As He Reminisces About His Life


Ahead for his forthcoming EP, Jimanni, the amiable singer-songwriter, emcee and producer documents sketchy deets and tales about his life – past, present and future in an epistle titled “A Letter From Jimanni”.

“A Letter From Jimanni” is a quintessential Hip Hop and R&B record, both genres superbly intertwined like a fine lace orchestrated by a skilled weaver from the North. The Kaduna born and raised music luminary is an incredible composer and wordsmith talented in making renditions with souls borrowing breath from life and happenings in his immediate surroundings.

In November previous year, Jimanni released “Over” a R&B melancholic not-so-love song that expressed the range of his artistry. And that is evident and more pronounced in his personal “Letter” penned with a sober head and a contrite heart which he wrote, self-produced, mixed and mastered.

Signed, sealed and delivered… listen to Jimanni’s letter NOW streaming on your favorite digital music store. Enjoy the music and recommend it to a friend.

Table of Contents