iShedoff Is a company focused on providing the largest and most sustainable Digital, Secure, Entertainment community in pan-Africa & African Diaspora markets.
With listing which span through from talent management, publishing, distribution, licensing, non-governmental foundations, fashion label merchandizing

What We Do

We Manage Talent:  To support, guide and oversee they progress.

We Publish & License: so you can earn and ensure of all your creative works are safe. 

We Distribute: we make sure you get the desirable reach with your product, it’s good to produce however its best to know how its gets to consumers

We Brand & Package: if it’s not marketable it’s not consumable

Why We Are Here

Longevity: As a corporate entity we’ve and we have a laid out plan to stay up high in the system for long and extensive period of time and also for all who we into business with a reflection of why we are here depict it self on the brands. 

Invent & Re-Invention: we search and create, most times we go deep into the surface and light it up from within-out, meanwhile we beam a light on yet to die. 

Empowerment:  To educate, impart, impact and support providing tools necessary to attain all the necessary height in plan.

Successful Career: Ensure a successful and enriched career path for all brands and partners we are in touched with from the in-to-out.

 How We Do it

We Plan:  A team of expert never runs out on ideas, we work and breath life into ideas and go all in achieving sets goals

We Pitch: we market and we reach out  using all strategies and tactics provided

We Oversee the progress: we watch and continually shape-guard our progress to maintain or sustain it longevity