About Us.

iShedoff Is a company focused on providing the largest and most sustainable Digital, Educated, and Secure Entertainment community in and across Africa through collaborations and trust. With listing span from consulting, talent management, publishing, distribution, licensing, label service provision, charitable contribution,  and fashion label merchandizing.


Our Purpose.

Creating and providing an unmatched level of service thereby contributing to the sustained growth already in the entertainment sector and its economy through collaboration and trust, consultation, and well-written, detailed guide and high-quality professional leadership and direction.

Longevity: iShedOff has built a formidable system for itself which has positioned the company to always stay up high in performance in its sector for long and extensive period of time and also for all who we ishedoff is in business or partnership with.

Invent & Re-Invention: iShedOff searches and create, this is on the bases of who we are working with and the story that is shared with us and most times how we learn to handle thing is by we go deep into the surface and light it up from within-out, meanwhile we beam a light on yet to die. 

Empowerment:  To educate, impart, impact and support providing tools necessary to attain all the necessary height in plan.

Successful Career: Ensure a successful and enriched career path for all brands and partners we are in business with exclusively or not


What We Do at iShedOff.

Below we highlight what iShedOff does.

We Manage Talent:  To support, guide, and oversee their progress. We help artists secure the best possible deals, advise on career growth, negotiate deals, secure sponsorship and help with media placements

We Publish & License: so you can earn and ensure of all your creative works are safe. We help you collect on all your publishing income, we seek and closeout sync opportunities and also, place you in recording sessions that help you advance.

We Distribute: we make sure you get the desirable reach with your product, it’s good to produce however it’s best to know how it gets to consumers. Get your music out when and how you want it.

We Brand & Package: if it’s not marketable it’s not consumable

We Finance: We help you with the much-needed finance and funding for your independent career/label.

Research & Data: We help both creatives and labels or companies provide well-tailored and cleaned data for their brand and business from campaigns done, to help in decision making.

Marketing: The process of exploring, creating, and delivering value to meet the needs of a target market in terms of goods and services; potentially including the selection of a target audience. we are specialized in marketing African businesses and music globally.


How We Do it!

We Plan:  A team of experts never runs out on ideas, we work and breathe life into ideas and go all in to execute and achieve set goals.

We Pitch: we prepare the deck, market, and reach out using all strategies and tactics provided.

We Oversee the progress: we watch and continually shape-guard our progress to maintain or sustain its longevity.