Aisé Maryah Expresses Growth on Her Debut EP, “Juvenile”


Maiduguri native Pop singer-songwriter,  Aisé Maryah releases her debut EP, “Juvenile” after an amazing year run in the Industry with her melodies transiting from her home in North-Eastern Nigeria to many other cities.

Aise Maryah - Juvenile EP Artwork

Juvenile – the EP is a five track body of work with pop-centric rhythms chronicling the naïve and adolescent state of Aisé Maryah as she experiences the feeling of being a young talented African woman fighting temptations that comes with puberty.


Experimenting on new sounds/genres of music and collaborating with amazing emerging music producers namely ShamBee Puzzle, Drizzle, Peemagik, Shine Puzzle, Ill Jackz and few songwriters from Bauchi State & Jos City, Juvenile the EP positions Aise Maryah as a fast rising artiste from the region with a refreshing and expansive soundscape.

Aise Maryah

In her year run in the Industry, Aisé has garnered a following while nurturing her fanbase. Her music has been exposed to a wider audience via sync placements with The Naked Convo (TNC). an African TV/movie production company. TNC Africa has featured Aisé Maryah’s first official “Fool for U” in two of its YouTube web series: Our Best Friend’s Wedding (Season 2 Episode 1) and Little Black Box (Season 2 Episode 7).

Born Sandra Samson Muna on August 31, 2003, Aisé Maryah is emerging with a Pop sound that’s appealing to make her global.

Her debut EP, Juvenile is out NOW and streaming on digital music stores.

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