Effective Content Marketing Strategies For Music Artist 2023


Content marketing overturns the traditional marketing model head-on through the publishing and release of useful, interesting, and/or entertaining material referred to as content “content” out to attract brand-new people to what you do and who you are.

Though you should know that traditional advertising involves the pushing of a message out to (or sometimes even targeted “at” a group of people, content marketing is all about pulling them in. As such you can identify content as the new crude to effective marketing.

Top 3 things you should focus on when creating content

Creating Value
Make sure it’s Entertaining
It’s something people would be searching on

Some Ideas to get you started with:

  1. What areas of specialized knowledge do you have? Could you create a “how-to” video?
  2. think about your ideal audience – who would you like to be reaching? What could you create that would entertain or inform them (or both)?
  3. Want more reach (for instance)? Make a “5 funny things” video, or write the article
  4. give something of value away to attract the right audience to you (such as unshared knowledge)
  5. Is there a question you get asked over and over? Create an interactive post or article about it
  6. want to create interest in a new release? Make some fun behind-the-scenes videos that would entertain people



  1. A day in a life series
  2. Behind the scenes Videos of either Video shoot or studio session
  3. A net/street video
  4. Live show performance recording
  5. A video of meet and greet with a fan of yours
  6. A Diary of how your single or album is performing and progressing



  1. Photo of you doing cool and interesting things make sure its authentic
  2. An advance showcase of your single or album cover
  3. Photographs of you and your fans
  4. Photos of your sessions and video shoot


Song related


  1. Share your streams milestone
  2. clips of forthcoming album
  3. song collection mix to showcase forthcoming single / albums
  4. Poll to see fans’ favorite
  5. Rundown of your top 5 songs selected by you
  6. Sharing your view about an important issue around your genre of music

Content marketing is a lot cheaper than any other type of promotion you can think of it can be reused in the future, and generally, content stays much longer amidst all this with good structuring your profile easily gets optimized and ranked so you stay top of your niche.

Content marketing is powerful, it helps build a loyal fan base and followership by getting them involved in your career making sure the quality and authenticity of what you do, don’t drop and always be active to interact and engage remember essentially, your goal is to pull fans into your world with awesome content and make them want to hear from you. (Instead of pushing your music in their face.).

Never stop selling the process

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