How to Get Verified on All Music Platforms and Edit Your Profile

Easy Steps: How to Get Verified on All Music Platforms & Edit Your Profile


Getting verified and updating your artist profile on Spotify, Apple Music & other stores is an essential part of verifying and optimizing our online presence as a musician.

Plus on some music platforms, once you’re verified you’ll be able to edit your artist bio, add social media links, upload images and lots more.

So how can independent artists get verified, change their profile image and edit their information on each of the biggest music platforms? Scroll down to find out more.



Verify & edit artist profiles on music stores




When your music has been uploaded to and accepted by Spotify, you can get your profile verified automatically and edit your artist page by signing up for Spotify for Artists.

Once you’ve got access to your Spotify for Artists account you can change your Spotify profile picture, edit your artist bio, upload gig dates, track your streams, pitch for playlists and more.

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Apple Music


As soon as Apple Music has accepted your first release, you can register with Apple Music for Artists to verify your artist profile and track your streaming data worldwide.

This service has fewer editing options compared to Spotify for Artists, but you can still change your Apple Music artist profile picture via Apple Music for Artists. You can also see how many people are searching for your music through Shazam.


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Amazon Music

With Amazon Music for Artists, you can access a wide range of data about your music and update the details on your artist page.

Amazon Music for Artists not only offers an in-depth look at your worldwide streaming numbers, but also the option to integrate with Twitch for live streaming.

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Deezer’s artist services platform is named Deezer Creators. Once you’ve released music you Deezer, you can claim and verify your profile there.

Deezer Creators allows you to curate and update your artist profile including images, bios, social links, touring details and playlists, as well as delve into data behind your streams and lots more.





When applying for verification, there’s a thresholds for eligibility, go to your creator dashboard to check your eligibility status, as displayed on the creator dashboard are half the story. Having 500,000 plays and 1,000 followers makes you eligible for consideration, but verification is still not guaranteed. Users caught buying plays or followers will automatically be banned from the process. Make no mistake:. Aside from plays and followers, users should also have the following when applying for verification:
  1. Complete profile with recent profile picture and header
  2. Links to as many socials as possible
  3. A social media presence that is a positive reflection of your artist career
  4. At least two (2) official releases
Beyond these criteria, Audiomack will do their own research. To stress, there is no way to guarantee verification will be granted.



YouTube Music

You can manage and edit your YouTube Music profile once you’ve claimed your Official Artist Channel.

Official Artist Channels can only be set up by request, so if you’d like to claim your channel please contact your distributor. But please be patient. It may take some time to set up and verify your channel.




Tidal does not have a self-serve artist platform like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and Deezer. If you’d like the update any of the information on your Tidal artist page, please reach out to your distribution or aggregators support team.



Other stores

Not all stores offer the option to verify your artist profile and edit your information yourself through services like Spotify for Artists and Apple Music.

However, companies such as Tivo & AllMusic automatically provide biographies and images to many global music platforms, so it’s worth signing up and registering your details. You can find out more about submitting your details to Tivo here.

It’s worth signing up to all of the artist platforms out there. That way you can track your streams, edit your artist pages and even pitch for playlists in some cases.

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