Felix Imeh known on the entertainment sphere with the nomenclature “Phylex” is an Independent Nigerian pop and gospel singer an Akwa Ibom indigene yet Kaduna State born and bred. The said talented act over the years since the initial unofficial release of his single “Biko” which channeled attention from none but few listeners to his craft and a push by his friends to the second debut that which serves as the official release to which resonate a good number of populace identifying the said as the new face on the gospel pop music scene with a publish article on few internal home blogs.

However with no winnings yet Phylex has obtained nominations from the two most featured award bodies such as Selah Entertainment Award & Kaduna Entertainment Award in different categories.

The Young talented singers has built himself to be deserving of that which he’s positively ranging from his lyricism, type of sound and vocal Uniqueness also not forgetting the message passed Across through his music. Phylex debuted his first musical project “God Answers Prayers (GAP)” an Extend playlist of 5 songs to consolidate his presence in the music industry.

However, with the definition of his music as Hope, Gratitude, love, Laughter and Fulfillment. the said project did not take a drift off but loud and revolves more with the infusion of heavy-metal drums kicks, percussion, melodic vocal rendition and many more, with arrangement and creative production aid from Emmystrings Beats, Kobitz, Kk2nice and vocals from Amose, Bazzy and Empress Speaks as featured artists on the Project GAP (God Answers Prayers EP).