Getting To Know You

Before we get begin, we’ll take some time to learn all about you, your music and that which you’re set to release for consumption. Once we get all the data and  information we need to maximize your promo potential, we can get to work creating and launching campaign for you

Developing The Brand

We’ll develop and create everything you need for a successful promo campaign. From our experienced press team, designed to grab the attention of blogs & influencers. We’ll also use our industry knowledge to build a tailored 4-week posting schedule to push and promote your music to interested fans or users more effectively across Instagram

Launch Campaign

With everything ready, we launch your promo campaign! Our social media experts will provide everything you need to make a bigger impact on social media and our press team will distribute your press release to our long list of bloggers and journalists. Plus, we guarantee to get your release at least online blog features.

Feedback & Report

We’ll provide a detailed report in regards to your campaign covering both press and social media, explaining exactly how our promo has helped to grow your online presence and attract more attention to your music. We’ll also send you an exclusive guide full of PR advice to help you continue your promo efforts into the future.

Press Release
A professional press release about your music, written and distributed by our experienced press team

Professional Ad Campaign
We’ll create a pair of custom promo visuals for your release & run a carefully-targeted two-week advertising campaign, to reach new listeners and build a following  fans.

Reports & Analytics
In-depth reports and data analysing your Instagram campaign’s performance and progress, along with advice on how to improve it even further after your campaign ends

Custom Social Graphics
You’ll receive up to 3 custom promotional images produced by our expert graphic designers to help promote your song

Two Guaranteed Online Features
Our close relationship with music bloggers means we can guarantee at least two online features for your release

PR Handbook
We’ll send you a guide to PR and a database of online publications to help you sustain promotions after the campaign ends.